cock roach in my sink

Where might roaches be hiding?

Kids love playing hide and seek – and are usually easy to find because they often give themselves away. Sadly, the same can’t be said with cockroaches. Firstly, they can enter through the tiniest of openings or cracks, thanks to their hugely flexible bodies.

Then, where do they go? Well, they’ll be looking for dark corners, preferably moist too. For example, this can be under your stove or fridge, and also in the vicinity of either sinks or drains. If you spot a few during the day, it’s almost certain that many more will be active during the hours of darkness.

If cockroaches may be present in your property, contact our pest control professionals now here at Best Pest Control. In Wyoming the number is 307-240-8075; for Montana, it’s 406-635-8902.